Tap, tap. Who’s there? It’s Curb TXN…

The roll-out of the next generation TXN taxi card payment system was completed in record time. Simon Pancutt, Curb UK Head of Engineering, confirmed that his team were able to implement the new system smoothly and seamlessly. It has since been installed in thousands of London taxis.

Curb TXN incorporates an easy-to-read android touch-screen driver tablet and receipt printer mounted in the front, and the familiar VX680 passenger unit in the back. The system is TfL compliant and has been well received by drivers. In addition to the major technical advancements and upgrades ‘under the bonnet’, TXN also features a series of very welcome developments designed to improve reliability, convenience and driver safety.

The tablet is intuitive and easy to use – just like a smartphone screen. A Driver Welcome Pack and training session is provided whilst the technicians install the equipment, so everyone can take card fares as soon as they leave the Operations Centre with their new kit. There is also a series of short driver training films which are ideal to watch on your smartphone whilst acclimatising yourself with the system.

On a practical level, all card receipts are now printed from a neat printer which is discreetly mounted in the front of the cab. Drivers no longer rely on passengers to tear off their receipts in the back, nor do they need to clamber into the back of the cab to print off their own transaction reports or troubleshoot for confused passengers. Driver Mark Acres was particularly pleased to see this new feature:

“Not ideal getting in the back to help passengers – not that it happened often. Now the printer’s in the front, I feel much safer.”

Curb drivers still using the old VTS system (with the black computer box bolted into the luggage compartment) can be upgraded to the TXN system very quickly. Contact Driver Services by email or call 0800 666 1000 to schedule your upgrade.