Collecting your fares

Card Payments

All licenced taxi drivers in London must offer passengers the option of paying their fare electronically at the ‘point of sale’.

At Curb we work with taxi drivers and fleets. Our fully compliant payment solutions accept all major Chip & PIN, swipe and contactless cards and electronic payments.

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Card Processing Charges

There are no installation or service charges, rental fees, nominal transaction supplements or hidden charges. There is no airtime to pay for as Curb drivers do not use their own smartphone or personal data. An all-in low processing fee applies to each transaction.

For further information, call 0333 666 1000 today or email us.

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Curb TXN Payment Solution

Curb TXN incorporates an android 7” driver tablet and receipt printer mounted in the front, and a VX680 passenger unit fixed in the back. Widely used in London, the system is TfL compliant.

For further information, call 0333 666 1000 today or contact the Curb Taxi Operations Sales Team.

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Curb Victory Payment Solution

Popular outside of London where regulations do not require a fixed system, the Victory handheld PIN Pad is a close relation to the devices offered to diners at the table in restaurants. Victory has a fully integrated printer.

For further information, call 0333 666 1000 today or contact the Curb Taxi Operations Sales Team.

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