Meet your newest supporter…


With so many drivers to look after now, we’ve invested in even more top quality staff at the Curb Operations Centre in Kennington to help make sure the support you need is there when you need it.

Team player Gavin joins Driver Services

Ask any football manager and you’ll know that even the strongest teams are always on the lookout for fresh new talent. Curb are no different, so when Gavin was brought to our attention, we had to give him a trial. That was in September, and he passed with flying colours.

Even before joining Curb, Gavin was a keen team player, enjoying an impressive career as a semi-professional footballer with Crystal Palace in his youth, and took his first FA coaching badge at Charlton Athletic. He was recommended by our old friend Max, who many drivers will know from his time in our Operations Team.

Having studied business and finance at college, Gavin’s first job was with PwC before moving on to work in an NHS Urgent Care Centre. Whilst he was there, he learned many important skills which have stood him in good stead in his new role in the Curb Driver Services Team. “I learned that listening is just as important as talking. Before you can help someone, you need to really understand what their problems are. Only then can you offer useful and helpful advice”.

Like his footballing heroes Lionel Messi and Harry Kane, Gavin is now working on his game and looking forward to achieving his professional goals with Curb, and his team mates are delighted to have him on board.