Meet the Team: Marjan

Marjan Khadhir recently joined Curb to help look after the accounting needs of the business, and of our drivers. He took an unconventional route to Curb but feels he has now landed the job he has been working towards for many years.

Born and bred within a few miles of the Curb Operations Centre, Marjan fondly remembers the Elephant & Castle of his childhood, although admits that it has now seen better days. He started his working life at the tender age of 13, helping his uncle in the family off-licence off Borough High Street.

Previously, when he was just 8, Marjan met Princess Diana when she visited a local church. He was spotted shaking her hand on the TV news by a cousin, although hasn’t been able to track down the archive footage to watch himself.

Going to school nearby, and then to Southwark College and finally South Bank University, Marjan first studied HTML Computer Development along with A-levels before gaining his degree in Accounting & Business Technology in 2009. All the time, Marjan funded his own education by working in retail, whilst gaining invaluable experience of accounting by voluntarily helping a local children’s charity. Once he’d graduated, he got his first big break when his boss at Superdrug gave him the opportunity to move into the accounts department, which he of course jumped at.

So, having studied hard, qualified and served his apprenticeship in accounts, Marjan is delighted to be here at Curb, although coyly admits that he’s never been in a taxi in his life. “As a student on a tight budget, I got used to walking everywhere to save a few quid.”

Welcome aboard Marjan. Let’s hope he can now put those budget control skills to good use here at Curb!