March is Mad Meter Month

Kieran needed to rent a meter. What he found out totally blew his mind…

Don’t you just hate those headlines that sound so sensational, you just can’t resist clicking through to find out more? Well, this exclusive offer just for Curb drivers is pretty sensational too, but we’ll spare you the dramatic, over-the-top build-up and cut straight to the point.

Rent a meter from Curb for just £50 per year*

The Curb Mad Meter Month deal includes installation, tariff changes and full 24/7 support from Curb Driver Services*. It’s a 48 month contract and the unit itself is the award-winning HALE MCT-06 meter. It’s easy to use, totally reliable and in service in around 140 countries spread right across the globe. In London, it’s been one of the most popular units on the market for years and has been upgraded to keep pace with all the technical, regulatory and tariff changes that have taken place. Of course it’s TfL compliant too.

These meters are in stock and available for installation with immediate effect.

The Mad Meter Month deal expires at the end of the month (you don’t say!), so email Curb today or call 0333 666 1000 to reserve your meter and book your cab in.

* Mad Meter Month deal: £200 for four years excl. VAT, paid in full up front. Offer valid until 31 March 2019. Terms & Conditions apply.