iZettle rebooks taxi campaign

Having already run a heavyweight campaign featuring 320 taxis late last year, iZettle came back to Taxi Media for their 2019 campaign.

When advertisers rebook, it highlights the importance of our relationship with the ad agencies and their clients. For those not familiar with the complex dynamics of the advertising industry, Millie Ginnett – one of our Taxi Media Account Managers – explained how it all works.

“Big advertisers rely on several agencies to help them promote their brands. There may be a creative agency who design the ads. There may also be an ad agency who identify and plan which media categories will feature in a campaign, and they may in turn rely on specialist agencies who deal with just one category of advertising.”

Taxis fall into the ‘outdoor’ or ‘out of home’ [OOH] advertising category. Rapport are specialists in that field (no pun intended). It’s clear to see why our relationship with the OOH specialists are therefore so important, as each of the Taxi Media drivers who carried the iZettle campaign will testify.

Millie and the other Taxi Media Account Managers spend much of their time taking briefs from their agency clients and putting together proposals to make sure ad budgets are spent on taxis rather than any of the competing media alternatives. She’s clearly doing a great job as iZettle rebooked through Rapport, and their latest superside campaign kicked off earlier this year.

So next time you see a payment from Taxi Media pop up in your bank account, spare a thought for Millie and her colleagues, who have all worked so hard to win that revenue for the taxi trade.

If you own a TX4 or a TX5 electric cab and would like to join the Taxi Media fleet, call Kelli in the Taxi Media Operations Centre on 020 7091 1911 today.