Important news for Taxi360 users


Further to our ‘TfL Card Mandate: Are we there yet?’ article, our new Taxi-360 card payment system is now well established and we have addressed the issues that plagued many of the systems that were released earlier in the year.

We now have a v6 upgrade that will make the system more reliable and even more user-friendly. The upgrade will mean that future developments and upgrades can be sent to your system remotely, without the need for you to come in to our Operations Centre.

One of the time-saving, hassle-free developments is that a power switch can be fitted. This will eliminate the need for you to log off at the end of a shift. Instead, you simply flick the switch and the system will shut down. Similarly, a dedicated SIM card will be installed in your Taxi-360 tablet so it no longer has to piggy-back on the passenger terminal SIM card. This is what will also enable us to deliver upgrades and real-time data to you remotely without interrupting your day.

Many drivers have already had their Taxi-360 upgraded, possibly without even realising it. If you have been to the Curb Operations Centre for any maintenance work or ‘break fixes’ over the past few weeks, the chances are we would have routinely upgraded your system whilst you were here. If in doubt, look for the tell-tale new switch which will be located in the centre console under the handbrake (TX4) or under the radio (TX2).

If you haven’t had the upgrade yet, don’t worry. It’s not urgent and can be done when you are next scheduled to be here anyway. If your system is not performing as it should be, or if you would like the upgrade sooner rather than later, please email Driver Services. Please provide at least one weeks’ notice so we can schedule a convenient slot for you, and make sure you provide your name, registration number, TfL LTPH badge number and a mobile number so we can call you to confirm your booking.