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Welcome to the Info Bank!

The Curb Info Bank is an invaluable source of information to help keep you up to date. Access useful information about payment schedules, driver bulletins and practical advice, or watch the short training videos we’ve produced to help you get the best from your equipment. Scroll down or click on the headings below to find out more:

TXN Card Payment System – Getting Started
In this video Mary shows you how to log in to your TXN Card Payment System so you can start taking Chip & PIN, contactless, mobile and magnetic swipe card fare payments.

TXN Card Payment System – Icons & Functions
In this video Michael explains the key features of the TXN Card Payment System, describing the functions accessed by the eight icons displayed on the home screen.

Curb Card Payment Systems – Receipts Explained
In this driver training video, Kelli explains how printed receipts from card fare payments work, what to look out for and why they’re so important.

Curb Card Payment Systems – Card & Mobile Payments
Charles explains how taxi drivers can take card payments from a variety of different debit, credit and mobile card payment types.

The Hale MCT-06 Meter from Curb Mobility – Getting Started
In this driver training video, Mario explains the basics of using the MCT-06 taxi meter, from turning it on and logging in to starting and ending a trip on the meter.

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