Deloitte taxis prove to be promotional and practical

Who’d have thought Deloitte UK had so much in common with the taxi trade? One of their senior executives explained the rationale behind the Deloitte ad campaign, but the sentiment applies equally to taxis – especially in London. “Clients that know us have great loyalty, but those that don’t work with us are less aware of what we stand for – they don’t consider us for work as frequently because they don’t have a clear perception of what working with Deloitte would be like.”

It therefore seemed only right that Deloitte should choose taxis to help promote their global ad campaign, although the Deloitte campaign also had a very practical purpose behind it. Deloitte is a global organization, and many of their top executives were due in London for an intensive period of meetings and networking. The taxis were used to collect these VIP visitors from airports and stations, and take them to hotels, meetings, venues and events all around London during their stay.

The drivers had the opportunity to get to know some of their passengers quite well over the month-long campaign. Mark Acres, a long-standing Curb driver who always volunteers when there’s a PR booking, explains. “At the end of the day, these guys are here to work just like us. If I can make their visit a bit less stressful and more enjoyable by looking after them like only a cabbie can, it makes my day a bit more fulfilling. PR bookings are nice earners too and tend to be much easier for us drivers than pounding the streets on a regular shift.”

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