Curb launches video training series for drivers

The first five videos in a series of driver training aids have now been published for drivers to access via their phones, tablets or laptops.

Aimed primarily at new customers who haven’t used Curb card payment systems before, each video takes a specific topic and provides an easy to understand and convenient overview of the subject. Lasting only a few minutes each, the videos are ideal to watch whilst on a short break, and can be paused, rewound and replayed easily until everything is nice and clear.

Each video is presented by a different member of the Curb team. These are not professional voice-over artists, they are real people – Driver Services personnel, technicians and operations assistants.

Like the rest of the Curb team, we’re all here to support our drivers and help you get the very best from your equipment. The videos can be accessed on by tapping on Curb Info Bank under the Driver Services tab.