Access your transaction details on the go…


You’ll probably want to keep close tabs on your transaction details from time to time. Sometimes you’ll want confirmation that a transaction has gone through OK or that your fares have been paid into your account. Maybe you’ll just want to know how much you’ve taken in card fares during your shift or for the current month?

The best way to find out all this and a lot more information about your account, is by logging into eFleet. Your account details are kept bang up-to-date automatically, so you’ll have an accurate picture of your account around the clock 7/11. All you need is your TfL LTPH badge number (and vehicle registration number) to login.

eFleet can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can generate reports that give you tailored information based on ‘To’ and ‘From’ dates, and you can search for particular fares.

For smartphone/mobile users, log on to and select Login to eFleet (mobile version). Enter your TfL LTPH badge number and select group ‘VIC1’, then enter your password and click on LOGIN.

For PC or laptop access, just visit, click on the ‘DRIVER SERVICES’ tab and then select ‘EFLEET’. Click on the ‘Login to eFleet (desktop version)’ button.

This is the quickest and easiest way for you to access the information you need. You can also download reports for your records, or to pass on to your accountant if necessary.

eFleet is your secure, data-rich information point which helps you to stay in control of your business. At a glance, it will answer many of the questions you may have about your payments, so bookmark the site for easy access.